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Invisible strength - The Markham Story

Look at a building or walk through it. You can see its walls, its floors, its ceilings and its hallways.

You can look at and feel the timber and glass decor. What you can’t see is its inner strength. 

You can’t see what’s in the concrete that makes it last longer, be stronger, or waterproof.

You can’t see the research and development that goes into it.

But what you can see are the results. 

When you use MARKHAM products in your concrete, you can be sure that for the generations to come it’ll still be there and still be just as strong.


When Graham Smith started the company over 20 years ago, you couldn’t see his thinking, but you could see the results of his thinking; his determination, his ideas; and as we all know with ideas, they’re nothing until they’re realised and brought to life.

You can be sure that those same strengths connect MARKHAM’s people, whether they’re in Australia and the United Kingdom or New Zealand; whether they’re at work in offices and research and development labs, or on site advising customers.

There’s strength in the performance warranties that come with all MARKHAM solutions.

From curing, to waterproofing, and durability; MARKHAM products provide strong protection to over 24 million square metres of concrete structures worldwide.

MARKHAM has helped deliver some of the world’s most ambitious and exciting projects; preserving bridges and infrastructure; curing residential developments; protecting aged and health care; adding life to warehouses; waterproofing basements; sealing car parks; and lifting retail floors.

You can’t see the invisible strength that MARKHAM’s products provide, but you can see that they are trusted by thousands of architects, engineers and developers worldwide.

See for yourself.


More about MARKHAM

MARKHAM are dedicated to providing innovations for concrete and construction. Focusing on concrete waterproofing solutions, penetrating concrete sealers and durability treatments for concrete.

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